In the business of ready-mix concrete, hours can cost more than just time. The rule of thumb is that it can take as little as three hours for concrete to set inside a concrete mixer, so it is paramount for the vehicle transporting it to be as reliable as possible.

On Time Readymix Concrete – one of the biggest independent players in the ready-mix concrete business – is trusting the simply better trucks from Fuso in order to always be on time with its deliveries.

Established in 2005 with one branch, two employees, the enterprise now boasts 200 employees, six branches (Brakpan, Chloorkop, Laezenia, Booysens and two in Durban). The company’s fleet consists of six Fusos: three 10-year0old 26-310 FX and three FJ 16-230 C.

“We have found that our Fusos are reliable, rugged and parts are readily available when we need them. As the mixer on a truck is reliant on the truck, we simply cannot have trucks that break down on a regular basis. This is where the Fuso outshine their competitors, and our 10-year olds are the perfect example of this reliability. When it comes to the FJs, our drivers constantly let us know just how easy they are to drive, and they highlight their comfort,” says Krish Ramsamy, Sales and Logistics Manager at On Time Readymix.

The company was introduced to the FJ trucks by running a demo in their fleet, and they were so satisfied with the experience they immediately bought three of the trucks.

The robust Fuso FJ 26-280C boasts a direct-injection diesel engine, rated at 205kW/2,200rpm with the torque levelling out at 1,100Nm between 1 200-1 600rpm. This makes it the engine of choice for power-hungry applications.

The unit fuel injection and higher boost pressure on the turbocharger ensure the complete burning of fuel, reducing emissions and increasing fuel efficiency. In addition, durability is increased while wear is reduced by the oil-lubricated fuel pumps.

The workhorse ticks all the necessary boxes in the construction sector, including a 9-speed transmission with a crawler gear that provides the flexibility required to negotiate complex terrain for off-road applications. The capable truck also proves its mettle as it offers a Power Take-Off (PTO) as one of its standard features. This is a regular requirement in the construction industry, as the PTO supplies power to other equipment.

The expertly built FJ 26-280C enhances its functionality by offering multi-leaf bogie type rear suspensions that are robust, resulting in longer life and the ability to haul heavier loads.

The decision to purchase the Fuso FJ 26-280 C trucks was also aided by the 10-year-old Fusos who have proven to be so reliable, Ramsamy has chosen to keep them beyond for longer than the company normally retains vehicles.

“Our concrete is used for domestic and industrial purposes, so we simply cannot afford not to deliver to our customers. One of the most serious results of running unreliable trucks is that the vehicle breaks down on the side of the road, and the drum stops turning, as the engine is dead. After about three hours, the concrete sets, and it takes two weeks for the dry concrete to be removed from the mixer, using a jackhammer.

“For us, it is not only about the loss of business, but also the driver we have to pay, as well as the embarrassment of not being able to deliver to a client who is in the process of building. So the Fusos have played a huge role in assisting us to be on time,” he adds.

“As a company, we are fully committed to providing our customers with a value-added service at the lowest possible price. As the OnTime Readymix Management Group, we proudly boasts seven decades of accumulative experience, and together with their immense passion for the readymix industry coupled with their superior knowledge, we are strategically positioned to provide a cutting edge business solution for all of our customers’ concrete requirements.” he says.