Netstar have announced that they are extending their digital product portfolio to include the integration of Mobileye’s vision – based Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS). Mobileye, an Intel Company, is the global leader in the development of vision – based technology for ADAS and autonomous driving systems. This collaboration is also in partnership with Road Eye Systems, an official Mobileye distributor in South Africa.

Netstar offers a wide range of digitally connect ed fleet and telematics solutions into Africa and Australia. “The addition of this leading edge ADAS technology to our fleet telematics ecosystem o ffer s our customers advanced driver safety management , by providing driver s with in – vehicle collision prevention and mitigation alerts. Driver behaviour and trend analysis is available online through our telematics platform in support of continual safety improvement programs,” says Harry Louw, Managing Director of Netstar. Mobileye’s technology is used in over 20 million vehicles world-wide, including leading OEMs such as BMW, Audi, Renault, Nissan, GM and others.

Mobileye’s vision-based collision avoidance system assists drivers by alerting them prior to a potential accident or danger on the road. The se visual and audio alerts allow the driver enough time to react and avoid or mitigate the potential collision altogether.

The system monitors four main areas: forward collision alert, safe following distance, unintended lane departure, and pedes trian and cyclist collision warning.

Alerts play a significant role in the reduction in the number of forward collision (or rear end) accidents. A study conducted by AXA insurance concluded that a simple early warning of 1.5 seconds prior to the incident can prevent 90% of rear-end collisions.

“Mobileye is delighted that our world – class collision avoidance system will be offered as part of Netstar’s portfolio of cutting-edge technologies. By offering Mobileye’s ADAS technology, it is clear that Netstar believe s in increased vehicle safety and in the safety of South African road users. Together, we aim to combat the high fatality rate on South African roads,” said Jason Bloom, Mobileye Regional Manager.