AlcoSafe – in collaboration with Trakka – has launched the KeySafe, based on Trakka’s successful key safe platform. The device is a 24-hour management system that records the time drivers collect keys for vehicles, their identities, what time they return the keys, as well as measuring their sobriety.

The concept derives from the need to be able to monitor drivers of fleet vehicles before they take to the road or before they begin work. The solution is to track the keys they need to start the vehicles they will be using,” says Rhys Evans, managing director of AlcoSafe

ds-20-2The system utilises an intelligent key ifob which may be allocated to a specific person or to multiple persons. All information pertaining to the user – and his or her state of sobriety – is automatically stored by the key safe whenever the key is retrieved or deposited. The system creates a full audit trail.

“If you have an employee who should be collecting a key to start a forklift, for instance, he or she would be assigned a specific code, which could be permanent or time specific. The user’s information would be loaded loaded into the key safe’s software so that when he or she arrived to collect the key, fingerprints would be checked by biometrics to confirm identity.

“Then, once the allocated code had been entered, the employee would be required to blow into a breathalyser before the key to the vehicle would be released. If the reading was above a specified limit, the key would not be released.

However, if all of the criteria were met, the key would be released. In either case, all details of the transaction would be recorded and stored,” says Evans.