Just over a year after acquiring Virtual Logistics (Pty) Ltd, a national and cross border fine distribution company, Adcock Ingram Healthcare (Pty) Ltd has redefined its distribution strategy and is proud to announce the launch of AVL.  Virtual Logistics has now been rebranded and will be known as AVL.  Adcock Ingram is currently the only local pharmaceutical company offering a full service pharmaceutical distribution solution.  As a leading pharmaceutical company, Adcock Ingram does direct distribution nationally to wholesalers, hospitals pharmacies, and home deliveries to patients.

The reason for the transition is that the Company identified the need to shift from a general courier to a healthcare specific courier company. Adcock Ingram realised the need in the market for more controlled and compliant transportation of healthcare products, as compliance and product integrity lies at the heart of what we do.  Since the acquisition, every effort has been made to ensure that facilities and fleet adhere to the same validated Adcock Ingram specifications.  The vehicles are temperature controlled and monitored and because we only move healthcare, no risk of cross-contamination.

AVL has enabled Adcock Ingram to realise the vision of a fully compliant network, from manufacturer to customer. We have expanded our national footprint which now includes hubs in Polokwane, Nelspruit, Ladysmith, Kimberley and East London. This combined formidable team makes Adcock Ingram and AVL one of the leaders in healthcare distribution and means that we stay true to our promise and committed to our customers and patients.

Owner-Driver Inititiative

Launched in 2012, Adcock Ingram’s owner driver initiative was positioned as an innovative programme which gives employees an opportunity of owning their own business.  Employees who meet the necessary requirements are supported throughout the process and receive mentoring and training.  These opportunities also help to assist the Company to achieve some of their enterprise development objectives whilst maintaining exceptional customer service levels.  To date the owner driver initiative spans over ten operational facilities with 101 vehicles and 35 owner drivers, employing more than 200 drivers and van assistants.

“There are many enterprise development programmes in South-Africa.  The structure of this initiative though, is what sets it apart.  Each owner-driver is a director of their own business, and we provide interest-free loans to make it achievable.  The results are evident through the success of this initiative.” said Tobie Krige, Managing Director of the Distribution division.

During the celebratory event that was hosted at Emperor’s Palace, owner-drivers who achieved the five-year milestone within this programme were recognised during the event.  The event also gave the owner-drivers an opportunity to share their journey, including how the initiative has changed their lives.

“The reason why I continued every day to get up and go to work, and give off my best was the constant motivation, encouragement and the support from Adcock Ingram.  I still remember the advice that I received is that the success of my business will be measured by the amount of effort that I put into it and today, I can say that those words are so true.”  said Michael Masopha, Owner Driver.