About us

shutterstock_118452280Launched in April 2013, Future Trucking & Logistics is a fresh new bi-monthly entry into South Africa’s trucking and logistics publishing sector. Three concepts which define the magazine are: focused, engaging and people-driven.

With an ABC-certified circulation of over 7 000 copies, distributed directly to decision makers in all relevant industries, Future Trucking & Logistics enjoys one of the largest footprints in its sphere. From revealing interviews with senior executives to profiles of workers on the front lines of trucking, the magazine’s unbiased and structured approach has rapidly won favour among readers.

The Future Group is well known as the producers of the Standard Bank People’s Wheels Awards, and you’ll definitely have held our publications in your hands before: for example, Business Traveller Africa, Automobil, Imperial Auto, Fleet, the Auto Annual, Directorship.

If there’s one truism which informs everything that goes into Future Trucking & Logistics, it is that time is limited in the commercial sector. For that reason, we’re not going to waste it with news of anything irrelevant to your business, or feed you regurgitated press releases which ultimately tell you nothing.

Everything in the magazine has a point, and highlights the South African trucking and logistics industry. With that, we’ve taken enough of your time … enjoy the site!