One of the most common New Year’s resolutions for many is to get fit – but enthusiasm begins to wane quickly, and many gym-goers throw in the towel before the month of January is finished.

According to social fitness community platform Strava, 19 January is the day many people are most likely to give up on their fitness goals, so if you are still sticking to your resolutions you are already ahead of the curve.

While there are many reasons for quitting, here are three tips to help stay on track and focus on achieving your fitness goals.

1. Redefine your goals

‘Losing weight’ or ‘getting fit’ are admirable goals, but they’re vague and you can be easily discouraged if you don’t seem to be making any progress. With more specific goals, like being able to walk or run a certain distance or tackling a hiking trail, you’re more likely to see progress and push a little harder every time you train. You’re also more likely to enjoy yourself by planning a hike in a picturesque location. In fact a brisk walk on a regular basis has been shown to help improve fitness and help people maintain a healthy weight.

And with a Ranger, you can discover more. Ranger’s all-wheel-drive capability opens up access to remote areas that standard vehicles struggle to negotiate – meaning you can go further off-grid before starting your adventure on foot. Ranger’s shift-on-the-fly four-wheel-drive system makes changing from two- to four-wheel drive as easy as rolling a dial.

When the going gets tough, Ranger’s low-range four-wheel-drive gearing and e-locking rear differential help owners to go even further, while its 237mm ground clearance and 800mm water wading capability means that very little stands between you and your next adventure.

2. Preparation

Preparation is key to remaining on target with your goals. A lot of active people prepare and package their food for the week ahead, ensuring that they stay on track with their nutrition goals. Similarly, you can prepare for outdoor exercise activities by packing everything you need the night before.

Make sure everything is charged (you can keep your phone, GoPro and other small devices topped up via the Ranger’s USB ports), and that your destination is saved on your phone so that you can pair it with SYNC 3 for step-by-step navigation when you set off.

3. Just get started

Economic pressure caused by COVID-19 has everyone scrutinising their bank balance but getting fit doesn’t always have to cost money and the best way to start your fitness journey is to simply get started.

“It’s easy to find excuses not to work out. You don’t have the right equipment or you don’t want to get tied into a gym contract, but those things are not always necessary. You’ll be amazed what you have around the house that can be incorporated into your fitness routine,” says fitness instructor and nutritionist Zinhle Masango of Zee Fitness.

For example, why not turn your Ranger into a gym? Attach an exercise band to the tow bar, use the tailgate for plyometric jumps, or the bed of the truck as a base for floor exercises. If you need some inspiration, check out this video for a fun Ranger-based workout.

With these tips, and your Ranger as your training buddy, there is no excuse to give up on your New Year’s resolution!